Tidal Basin Hydrodynamics

BasinsExtracting energy from a tidal stream has the potential to alter the tidal dynamics over a large area. It is important to understand these changes so that devices may be optimally located, and so the power output and environmental consequences can be accurately determined.

Research is being carried out for both a basis set of idealised geometries which give an insight into the problem, and for real sites where extracting tidal stream energy has been proposed. The basis set consists of four coastal basins: (a) a channel between two disconnected basins; (b) a coastal inlet, estuary or bay; (c) a headland; and, (d) an island located near a much larger land mass. Real sites will include the Pentland Firth and the Severn Estuary, as well as other sites on the UK continental shelf.

Analytical and numerical models of tidal hydrodynamics have been developed, which include the local effects of tidal power devices based on Linear Momentum Actuator Disc Theory (LMADT).