3rd Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop (OTE 2014)

Dates:  7th and 8th April 2014

Venue:  Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford

We are pleased to announce that the 3rd Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop (OTE 2014) will be held in Oxford on the 7th and 8th of April 2014. Following the successful workshops in the last two years, this year’s workshop aims to provide further opportunities for scientists, engineers, researchers and research students to discuss technical issues in tidal stream power generation. The topics may include, but are not limited to:

  - Device-scale problems (hydrodynamics, design, fluid-structure interaction etc.)
  - Array-scale problems (wake interaction, array optimisation, etc.)
  - Basin-scale problems (resource assessments, environmental impacts, etc.)
  - Novel experimental, computational and theoretical approaches for tidal energy research

Call for Papers:

OTE 2014 Call for Papers (PDF)


Programme and Proceedings:

OTE 2014 Final Programme (PDF)

OTE 2014 Proceedings (PDF)  -  including all 23 papers (18 for oral and 5 for poster presentations)


Monday 7th

11:00 - 11:10     Opening

11:10 - 12:25     Session 1:  Device Scale Problems (1)

                                 Improving the cost-effectiveness of Darrieus hydrokinetic turbines

                                     Brian Kirke (University of South Australia)

                                 Wave Induced Loads and Kinematics for Turbine Support Structures in Turbulent Flow

                                     A. Olczak (University of Manchester)

                                 An Evaluation of Blockage Corrections for a Helical Cross-Flow Turbine

                                     Robert Cavagnaro (University of Washington)

12:25 - 12:40     Poster Presentations (1)

                                 Numerical Modelling of a Gorlov Cross Flow Tidal Turbine

                                     Esther R. Bruce (University of Hull)

                                 Numerical modelling of sea bed morphodynamics associated with tidal energy extraction

                                     Antonia Chatzirodou (Swansea University)

                                 Feedbacks between energy extraction and bed elevation morphodynamic

                                     Andres Payo (University of Oxford)

14:00 - 15:15     Session 2:  Turbulence and Waves

                                 Performing oceanographic surveys on tidal energy sites using a data buoy

                                     Mungo Morgan (North Sea Systems)

                                 Quasi unsteady blade element momentum theory for tidal stream turbines

                                     Thomas Nevalainen (University of Strathclyde)

                                 Synthetic Turbulence Generation for Turbine Modelling with BEMT

                                     Michael Togneri (Swansea University)

15:45 - 17:00     Session 3:  Array Scale Problems (1)

                                 Wind and tidal turbines in uniform flow

                                     Scott Draper (University of Western Australia)

                                 The Potential of Sub-Arrays to Increase Tidal Farm Power

                                     Susannah Cooke (University of Oxford)

                                 Optimising the Number of Turbines in a Tidal Current Turbine Array

                                     D. M. Culley (Imperial College London)


Tuesday 8th

09:30 - 10:45     Session 4:  Array Scale Problems (2)

                                 Tidal stream energy: designing for blockage

                                     Richard Willden (University of Oxford)

                                 Tidal Stream Turbine Modelling in the Natural Environment

                                     Matt Edmunds (Swansea University)

                                 The Power Potential of a Tidal Turbine Array with Turbine Power Capping

                                     Christopher R. Vogel (University of Oxford)

11:10 - 12:25     Session 5:  Farm Scale Problems

                                 Tidal resource characterization at a strait between an island and a semi-infinite landmass

                                     Alberto Pérez-Ortiz (University of Edinburgh)

                                 A 3D model of asymmetry in the Orkney tidal energy resource

                                     Simon P. Neill (Bangor University)

                                 Effects of a tidal farm on the transient and residual circulation of an estuary

                                     Gregorio Iglesias (Plymouth University)

12:25 - 12:35     Poster Presentations (2)

                                 Impact of support structures on turbine farm power

                                     Subhash Muchala (University of Oxford)

                                 Assessing the Hydro-Environmental Impacts of Tidal Turbines

                                     Anna Phoenix (National University of Ireland, Galway)

14:00 - 15:15     Session 6:  Device Scale Problems (2)

                                 Effects of Dynamic Inflow and Distortion of Incident Turbulence on Tidal Turbine Rotors

                                     Michael Graham (Imperial College London)

                                 The Effect of Tidal Flow Directionality on Tidal Turbine Performance Characteristics

                                     Carwyn Frost (Cardiff University)

                                 Modelling Pressure Changes in the Vicinity of Tidal Turbines to Assess Fish Survival Rate During Turbine Passage

                                     Enayatollah Zangiabadi (Swansea University)

15:15 - 15:30     Closing



The workshop will be sponsored by the Oxford Martin School and we will be able to cover costs for university accommodation (for 1 night) for postgraduate students. We are also planning to provide a workshop banquet for all participants on the evening of the 7th April.


Important Dates:

  - Submission of two-page abstract:  28th February 2014  *** closed ***

  - Registration (all participants):  14th March 2014  *** closed ***

  - Accommodation request (students only):  14th March 2014  *** closed ***

All participants are asked to register their intention to attend by emailing alison.may@eng.ox.ac.uk by the 14th March 2014, together with any requests for university accommodation (for postgraduate students only).



Richard H. J. Willden (Chairman), University of Oxford
Takafumi Nishino (Co-Chairman), University of Oxford


Scientific Committee:

T. A. A. Adcock (Oxford)
G. T. Houlsby (Oxford)
I. Masters (Swansea)
T. Nishino (Oxford)
T. Stallard (Manchester)
P. K. Stansby (Manchester)
C. Stock-Williams (E.ON)
R. H. J. Willden (Oxford)


Further Information:

Please address any queries to the organisers Richard WilldenTakafumi Nishino or secretary Alison May.





University Accommodation: College accommodation (closest Colleges are Keble, Somerville, St. Benet's Hall, St Hugh's) from £40.

Please note that students who would like to apply for university accommodation (costs covered up to 1 night) should contact alison.may@eng.ox.ac.uk by the 14th March 2014.

Arriving at Oxford Rail Station:

The department is a 20min walk from the rail station, there is a taxi rank located outside the station.

Driving to Oxford:

There is very limited parking at the department, please contact Alison in advance if you will require a parking space.


Phone numbers for local taxi firms are: 
001 taxis 01865 240000 
radio taxis 01865 242424 

Arriving at the department:

The departments address is Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PJ. The workshop will be held in LR8 on the ground floor of the Information Engineering Building (IEB). However, on arrival please come to the reception desk situated in the Thom Building; the entrance is located on the first floor and can be accessed via the external walkway.  Please access the Thom Building from the Parks Road side (as there are some building works at present).