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ISI Publication Record & Citation Metrics


(106) ...

(105) M. Gutiérrez, A.F. Möslein, and J.C. Tan*, "Facile and Fast Transformation of Non-Luminescent to Highly Luminescent MOFs: Acetone Sensing for Diabetes Diagnosis and Lead Capture from Polluted Water", Submitted (2020) / [Preprint].

(104) A.S. Babal, B.E. Souza, A.F. Möslein, M. Gutiérrez, M.D. Frogley, and J.C. Tan*, “Broadband dielectric behavior of MIL-100 metal-organic framework as a function of structural amorphization”, Submitted (2020) / [Preprint].

(103) B.E. Souza, A.F. Möslein, K. Titov, J.D. Taylor, S. Rudić, and J.C. Tan*, "Drug guest molecules as modulators during one-step mechanochemical encapsulation in MIL‑100 (Fe) framework", Submitted (2020) / Preprint [ChemRxiv].

(102) Y. Sun*, S.M.J. Rogge*, A. Lamaire, S. Vandenbrande, J. Wieme, C.R. Siviour, V. Van Speybroeck*, and J.C. Tan*, “High rate nanofluidic energy absorption in porous zeolitic frameworks”, Submitted (2020) / Preprint.


(101) S.M. Vornholt, M.J. Duncan, S.J. Warrender, R. Semino, N.A. Ramsahye, G. Maurin, M.W. Smith, J.C. Tan, D.N. Miller, and R.E. Morris, "A Multi-Faceted Study to Understand the Nitric Oxide Release Behavior of Metal-Organic Framework Composite Materials", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12, 58263-58276 (2020). 
Open Access: [DOI] [pdf] [SI]. ACS Editors' Choice

(100) A.F. Möslein, M. Gutiérrez, B. Cohen, and J.C.Tan*, "Near-field infrared nanospectroscopy reveals guest confinement in metal-organic framework single crystals", Nano Letters, 20, 7446−7454 (2020) [DOI] [pdf] [SI] / [arXiv]

(99) M. Gutiérrez, C. Martín, B.E. Souza, M. Van der Auweraer, J. Hofkens, and J.C. Tan*, "Highly Luminescent Silver-Based MOFs: From scalable eco-friendly synthesis to photonics sensors and electroluminescent devices", Applied Materials Today, 21, 100817 (2020) [DOI] [pdf] [SI].

(98) Z. Zeng, I.S. Flyagina, and J.C. Tan*, "Nanomechanical Properties and Failure Mechanisms of Two‑Dimensional Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets", Nanoscale Advances, 2, 5181-5191 (2020).
Open Access: [DOI] [pdf] [SI]
Journal Cover: [Inside Front Cover]

(97) A.S. Babal and J.C. Tan*, "Influence of mechanical, thermal, and electrical perturbations on the dielectric behaviour of guest-encapsulated HKUST-1 crystals", Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 8, 12886-12892 (2020).
Open Access: [DOI] [pdf] [SI]

(96) L. Mizzi, E. Salvati, A. Spaggiari, J.C Tan, A.M. Korsunsky, "2D Auxetic Metamaterials with Tuneable Micro-/Nanoscale Apertures", Applied Materials Today, 20, 100780 (2020). [DOI] [pdf] [SI]

(95) Y. Zhang, M. Gutiérrez, A.K. Chaudhari, and J.C. Tan*, "Dye-encapsulated zeolitic imidazolate framework (ZIF-71) for fluorochromic sensing of pressure, temperature, and volatile solvents", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12, 37477-37488 (2020). [DOI] [pdf] [SI] / [arXiv]

(94) B.E. Souza and J.C. Tan*, "Mechanochemical approaches towards the in situ confinement of 5‑FU anti-cancer drug within MIL‑100 (Fe) metal-organic framework", CrystEngComm, 22, 4526 - 4530 (2020). 
Open Access: [DOI] [pdf] [SI]

(93) J. Gandara-Loe, B.E. Souza, A. Missyul, A. Missyul, G. Giraldo, J.C. Tan, J. Silvestre-Albero, "MOF-Based Polymeric Nanocomposite Films as Potential Materials for Drug Delivery Devices in Ocular Therapeutics", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12, 30189-30197 (2020). [DOI] [pdf] [SI] / [arXiv]

(92) M. Gutiérrez, C. Martín, M. Van der Auweraer, J. Hofkens, and J.C. Tan*, "Electroluminescent Guest@MOF Nanoparticles for Thin Film Optoelectronics and Solid‐State Lighting", Advanced Optical Materials, 8, 2000670 (2020).
Open Access: [DOI] [pdf] [SI
Journal Cover: [Back Cover]

(91) B.E. Souza, A.F. Möslein, K. Titov, J.D. Taylor, S. Rudic, and J.C. Tan*, "Green Reconstruction of MIL‑100 (Fe) in Water for High Crystallinity and Enhanced Guest Encapsulation", ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 8, 8247-8255 (2020). [DOI] [pdf] [SI] / [arXiv]
Journal Cover: [Front Cover
Press Release:
 [ISIS Science Highlights]

(90) A.S. Babal, A.K. Chaudhari, H.H.-M. Yeung, and J.C. Tan*, "Guest-Tunable Dielectric Sensing Using a Single Crystal of HKUST‑1", Advanced Materials Interfaces, 7, 2000408 (2020).
Open Access: [DOI] [pdf] [SI]
Journal Cover: [Inside Cover]

(89) A.K. Chaudhari and J.C. Tan*, "Dual-Guest Functionalised ZIF-8 Framework for 3D Printing White Light-Emitting Composites", Advanced Optical Materials, 8, 1901912 (2020) [DOI] [pdf] [SI] / [arXiv]
Journal Cover:
 [Inside Front Cover]

(88) B.E. Souza, L. Donà, K. Titov, P. Bruzzese, Z.X. Zeng, Y. Zhang, A.S. Babal, A. Möslein, M.D. Frogley, M. Wolna, G. Cinque, B. Civalleri*, and J.C. Tan*, "Elucidating the Drug Release from Metal-Organic Framework Nanocomposites via in situ Synchrotron Microspectroscopy and Theoretical Modelling",  ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12, 5147-5156 (2020) [DOI] [pdf] [SI]
Press Release:
 [Diamond Light Source - Science Highlights]

(87) L. Mizzi, E. Salvati, A. Spaggiari, J.C. Tan, A.M. Korsunsky, "Highly Stretchable Two-Dimensional Auxetic Metamaterial Sheets Fabricated via Direct-Laser Cutting", International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 167, 105242 (2020). [DOI] [pdf] [SI]



(86) A.S. Babal, L. Donà, M.R. Ryder, K. Titov, A.K. Chaudhari, Z.X. Zeng, C.S. Kelley, M.D. Frogley, G. Cinque, B. Civalleri, and J.C. Tan*, "Impact of pressure and temperature on the broadband dielectric response of the HKUST‑1 metal-organic framework", Journal of Physical Chemistry C123, 29427−29435 (2019). [DOI] [pdf] [SI]

(85) A.K. Chaudhari, B.E. Souza, and J.C. Tan*, "Electrochromic Thin Films of Zn-based MOF-74 Nanocrystals Facilely Grown on Flexible Conducting Substrates at Room Temperature", APL Materials, 7, 081101 (2019). 
Featured Article
Open Access: [DOI] [pdf] [SI] [Video demo]

(84) E.M. Mahdi, C. Cuadrado-Collados, J. Silvestre-Albero*, and J.C. Tan*, "Polymer nanocomposites functionalised with nanocrystals of zeolitic imidazolate framework (ZIFs) as ethylene control agents", Materials Today Advances, 2, 100008 (2019). (Invited)
Open Access: [DOI] [pdf] [SI]
Press Release - [Materials Today]

(83) M.G. Ehrenreich, Z. Zeng, S. Burger, M. Warren, M.W. Gaultois, J.C. Tan* and G. Kieslich*, "Mechanical Properties of the Ferroelectric Metal-Free Perovskite [MDABCO](NH4)I3", ChemComm, 55, 3911–3914 (2019). [DOI] [pdf] [SI

(82) B.E. Souza, S. Rudić, K. Titov, A.S. Babal, J.D. Taylor and J.C. Tan*, "Guest‑Host Interactions of Nanoconfined Anti-Cancer Drug in Metal‑Organic Framework Exposed by Terahertz Dynamics", ChemComm, 55, 3868–3871 (2019). 
[DOI] [pdf] [SI] [Front Cover]
Press Release - [ISIS Science Highlights]

(81) K. Titov, D.B. Eremin, A.S. Kashin, R. Boada, B.E. Souza, C.S.Kelley, M.D. Frogley, G. Cinque, D. Gianolio, G. Cibin, S. Rudić, V.P. Ananikov*, and J.C. Tan*, "OX‑1 Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets as Robust Hosts for Highly Active Catalytic Palladium Species", ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 7, 5875–5885 (2019). [DOI] [pdf] [SI]


(80) Y. Sun, Y Li, and J.C. Tan*, "Liquid Intrusion into Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-7 Nanocrystals: Exposing the Roles of Phase Transition and Gate Opening to Enable Energy Absorption Applications", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 10, 41831−41838 (2018). [DOI] [pdf] [SI]

(79) M.R. Ryder, Z. Zeng, K. Titov, Y. Sun, E.M. Mahdi, I. Flyagina, T.D. Bennett, B. Civalleri, C.S. Kelley, M.D. Frogley, G. Cinque, and J.C. Tan*, "Dielectric Properties of Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks in the Broad-Band Infrared Regime", The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (JPCL)9, 2678-2684 (2018). [DOI] [pdf] [SI]

(78) S. Mukherjee, Z. Zeng, M.M. Shirolkar, P. Samanta, A.K. Chaudhari, J.C. Tan*, and S.K. Ghosh*, "Self-assembled, Fluorine-rich Porous Organic Polymers: A Class of Mechanically Stiff and Hydrophobic Materials", Chemistry - A European Journal, 24, 11771-11778 (2018). [DOI] [pdf] [SI]

(77) Y. Sun, Y Li, and J.C. Tan*, “Framework Flexibility of ZIF-8 Under Liquid Intrusion: Discovering Time-Dependent Mechanical Response and Structural Relaxation”, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP), 20, 10108-10113 (2018). [DOI] [pdf] [SI]

(76) A.K. Chaudhari and J.C. Tan*, "Mechanochromic MOF nanoplates: spatial molecular isolation of light-emitting guests in a sodalite framework structure", Nanoscale, 10, 3953-3960 (2018). [DOI] [pdf] [SI]

(75)  L. Mizzi, E.M. Mahdi, K. Titov, R. Gatt, D. Attard, K.E. Evans, J.N. Grima, J.C. Tan*, "Mechanical Metamaterials with Star-Shaped Pores Exhibiting Negative and Zero Poisson's Ratio", Materials and Design, 146, 28–37 (2018). [DOI] [pdf] [SI]

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Open Access: [DOI] [pdf] [SI]

(73) T. Tian, Z. Zeng, D. Vulpe, M. Casco, G. Divitini, P. Midgley, J. Silvestre Albero, J.C. Tan, P. Moghadam, and D. Fairen-Jimenez, "A sol–gel monolithic metal–organic framework with enhanced methane uptake", Nature Materials, 17, 174–179 (2018). [DOI] [pdf] [SI]



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(70) I.S. Flyagina, E.M. Mahdi, K. Titov, and J.C. Tan*, “Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Mixed-Matrix Membranes Encompassing Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-90 and Polyvinylidene difluoride: ZIF-90/PVDF Nanocomposites”, APL Materials, 5, 086104 (2017). 
Open Access: [DOI] [pdf] [SI]

(69) A.K. Chaudhari and J.C. Tan*, "A Mechano-Responsive Supramolecular Metal-Organic Framework (SupraMOF) Gel Material Rich in ZIF‑8 Nanoplates", Chem.Comm., 53, 8491-8626 (2017).
Open Access: [DOI] [pdf] [Front Cover] [Video Demo] [SI]

(68) M.R. Ryder, T.D. Bennett, C.S. Kelley, M.D. Frogley, G. Cinque, and J.C. Tan*, "Tracking Thermal-Induced Amorphization of a Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework via Synchrotron In Situ Far-Infrared Spectroscopy", Chem.Comm., 53, 7041-7044 (2017). [DOI] [pdf] [SI]

(67) C.S. Coates, M.R. Ryder, J.A. Hill, J.C. Tan*, A.L. Goodwin*, "Large Elastic Recovery of Zinc Dicyanoaurate" APL Materials, 5, 066107 (2017). Open Access: [DOI] [pdf] [SI]

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Press Release: [ISIS Science News] [Diamond Science Highlights]

(65) A.K. ChaudhariH.J. KimI. Han, and J.C. Tan*, "Optochemically Responsive 2D Nanosheets of a 3D Metal-Organic Framework Material", Advanced Materials, 29, 1701463 (2017).
Open Access: [DOI] [pdf] [Journal Cover] [SI]
Press Release: [Oxford University News] [Video Demo]

(64) Z. Hu, E.M. Mahdi, Y. Peng, Y. Qian, B. Zhang, N. Yan, D. Yuan, J.C. Tan*, and D. Zhao*, "Kinetically Controlled Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Zr/Hf Metal-Organic Nanosheets via Modulated Hydrothermal Approach", Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5 8954-8963 (2017). [DOI] [pdf] [SI]

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AudioSlides: [Elsevier AudioSlides presentation

(59) M.R. Ryder, B. Civalleri, G. Cinque and J.C. Tan*, (INVITED - 2016 New Talent: Crystal engineering at its biggest and strongest): "Discovering Connections Between Terahertz Vibrations and Elasticity Underpinning the Collective Dynamics of the HKUST-1 Metal-Organic Framework", CrystEngComm, 18, 4303-4312 (2016). [DOI] [pdf] [SI]
Journal Cover: [CrystEngComm Issue 23/2016]
Press Release: [Diamond Light Source - Science Highlights]

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(54) E.M. Mahdi, A.K. Chaudhari and J.C. Tan*, (INVITED - Inaugural Issue) "Capture and Immobilisation of Iodine (I2) Utilising Polymer-Based ZIF-8 Nanocomposite Membranes", Molecular Systems Design & Engineering, 1, 122-131 (2016). [DOI] [pdf] [SI]

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AudioSlides: [Elsevier AudioSlides Presentation]

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†Equal Contributing Authors
Open Access: [DOI] [pdf] [SI]
Press Release: [Diamond Light Source] [Cambridge University] [Materials Today] [ChemistryWorld]

(48) A.K. Chaudhari, I.T. Han and J.C. Tan*, "Multifunctional Supramolecular Hybrid Materials Constructed from Hierarchical Self-Ordering of in situ Generated Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Nanoparticles", Advanced Materials, 27(30), 4438-4446 (2015).

Open Access: [DOI] [pdf] [SI]
Journal Cover: [Adv. Mater. Issue 30/2015 pp.4523]
Press Release: [Oxford Science Blog - "Shape-shifting gels get smarter"] [] []

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Journal Cover: [CrystEngComm Issue 2/2015]

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Press Release: [Oxford Science Blog] [ISIS Science News] [Diamond Annual Review 2014/15 + PDF] [] []

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[Please email Prof. Tan if you wish to have a copy of this chapter, for personal use]


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