Book Chapter Published by Elsevier on "Metal–Organic Framework Based Composites"

Our book chapter on the "MOF based composite materials" has been published in Comprehensive Composite Materials II, published by Elsevier.

Editors Recommendations: 
Metal-organic framework (MOF) materials constitute a new topic for the volume, helping to expand its coverage. While they are certainly not conventional metal-matrix composites (MMCs), they do represent a type of material of increasing importance, exhibiting some interesting parallels with MMCs, so this is a timely and useful contribution.  These materials are in some ways composites, and they do contain metals, although they are essentially composite only on the scale of the unit cell and there is often little or no conventional metallic bonding.  They are often referred to as being porous, although this is effectively molecular scale porosity.  The chapter is fairly substantial, containing 34 figures and about 100 references  -  many of them very recent.  It is an authoritative overview, covering synthesis, structure-property relationships and technological applications of this class of materials.  The properties covered include a systematic assessment of mechanical characteristics, which fit well with the overall emphasis of the volume. (Many researchers involved with MOFs have a predominantly chemical background, and hence a limited appreciation of mechanical properties, so this is particularly welcome.)   The chapter is well-illustrated, with the figures being clear and informative.

E.M. Mahdi and J.C. Tan*, Chapter 4.22: "Metal–Organic Framework Based Composites". In: Beaumont, P.W. R. and Zweben, C.H. (eds.), Comprehensive Composite Materials II. vol. 4, pp. 525–553. Oxford: Academic Press (2018). 

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