Multiscale modelling and biological systems engineering

Multiscale modelling combines models of different scales of a system in order to obtain an overall model of desired quality or computational efficiency which is difficult to achieve by a single scale model. This modelling paradigm is widely regarded as a promising and powerful tool in various disciplines, including process engineering, material science, computational mechanics, system biology, and biomedical engineering. Our previous work has attempted to address the common conceptual, numerical and software implementation challenges for developing multiscale models. We are now interested in applying multiscale modelling and analysis in specific areas to facilitate systems understanding and optimisation. In particular, we are developing multiscale approaches to the analysis and design of biological systems that take into account phenomena and mechanisms at sub-cellular, cellular, cell population and bio-reactor scales. Current studies include work on both micro-organisms based engineering systems and stem cells expansion and differentiation.

Research in this area is being carried out by several DPhil projects.

Selected publications

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