Group Members

Academic Staff


Research Students

  • David Burton
  • Sathvik Dev
  • Xiaodong Shi
  • Xuanli Sun


Laboratory support

  • Clive Baker


Former Group Members

  • Robin Malloy (D.Phil, 2018)
  • Maria Garcia Espinosa (D.Phil, 2018)
  • Christos Basagiannis (D.Phil, 2018)
  • Giuseppe Del Gobbo (D.Phil, 2017)
  • Alejandra Albuerne (D.Phil, 2016) is working for Arup in London
  • Konstantinos Bakis (D.Phil, 2016)
  • Daniel Claff (D.Phil. 2015) is working for Mott MacDonald in America
  • Ignacio Lamata (D.Phil. 2015)
  • Elizabeth Williams (D.Phil. 2014) is working for Atkins in London
  • Sifiso Nhleko (D.Phil. 2011) is working in South Africa
  • Jessica Hardin (nee Whittle) (D.Phil. 2011) is working in America
  • Suresh Dash (D.Phil. 2011) Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar
  • Mobin Ojaghi (D.Phil. 2010) returned to Scotland
  • Rebecca Hoath (D.Phil. 2009) works for Cobalt Light Systems Limited
  • Andreas Ehland (D.Phil. 2009) is a Senior Engineer with Hochtief, Germany
  • Michael Poon (MSc 2007) joined the Hong Kong Civil Service
  • Anthony Comer (post-doc RA, 2004-2006) is a Research Fellow at the University of Limerick
  • Paul Bonnet (D.Phil. 2006), is now working in Spain
  • Matthew Grey (M.Sc. 2006), works as a structural engineer for Buro Happold, London
  • Jackie Sim (D.Phil. 2006), is a structural engineer with Mott MacDonald, London
  • Bin Wu (visitor 2002-3), returned to Harbin Institute of Technology, China, where he is now a full Professor
  • Denis Clement (D.Phil. 2002), works for Thomas Jundt Civil Engineers, Geneva
  • Simon Neild (D.Phil. 2001), Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bristol
  • Jianxin Gao (post-doc RA, 2000-1), now a researcher at Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Neil Woodward (post-doc RA, 1997-2000), moved on to DSTL
  • Antony Darby (post-doc RA, 1997-99), Senior Lecturer, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, University of Bath
  • David Williams (D.Phil. 2000), now an analyst at Deutsche Bank, London
  • Shahram (Sean) Falati (D.Phil. 1999), now working in management for the Fiat car company
  • Arshad Zaman (M.Sc. 1998), returned to work in Pakistan
  • Richard Thompson (D.Phil. 1996), works for the Pixar animated film studio in California
  • Anjum Chaudhry (D.Phil. 1994), works for Mott MacDonald