Video-rate confocal endoscopy

J MICROSC-OXFORD 207: 37-42 Part 1 JUL 2002 Watson TF, Neil MAA, Juskaitis R, et al.

Rigid endoscopes provide high quality optical images ofreasonably accessible regions of the inner body, especiallyregions such as the aero-digestive and genital tracts. In orderto enhance the versatility of these instruments we describe adevelopment that permits confocal endoscopic images to beobtained − along with traditional endoscopic images – inreal-time, from within the living patient. The system is basedaround a host lenslet-array tandem scanning microscope,which is capable of producing images viewed directly by eye.These types of confocal microscope are configured for fluorescenceimaging together with laser illumination. Hard and softtissues in the mouth were imaged using this combined system.

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