Differential phase-contrast microscope with a split detector for the readout system of a multilayered optical memory

Appl. Opt., Vol. 35 (14), May 1996, 2466-2470 Y. Kawata, R. Juskaitis, et al.

A transmission differential phase-contrast microscope with a split detector is used as a readout systemfor a multilayered three-dimensional optical memory. The system is applicable to data recorded asrefractive-index changes. The system is compact and easy to use. The three-dimensional opticaltransfer function for the system is derived. This shows that the spatial bandwidth of the system is thesame as that of a conventional microscope with incoherent illumination but with much improvedcontrast. Six layers of information are recorded in a photopolymer and are read out with little crosstalk and high contrast.
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