Adaptive aberration correction in a two-photon microscope

J. Microsc., Vol. 200, Pt. 2, Nov. 2000, 105-108. M.A.A. Neil, R. Juskaitis, M.J. Booth, T. Wilson, T. Tanaka, & S. Kawata

We demonstrate aberration correction in two-photonmicroscopy. Specimen-induced aberrations were measuredwith a modal wavefront sensor, implemented using a ferroelectricliquid crystal spatial light modulator (FLCSLM).Wavefront correction was performed using the sameFLCSLM. Axial scanned (x-z) images of fluorescently labelledpolystyrene beads using an oil immersion lens showrestored sectioning ability at a depth of 28 mm in anaqueous specimen.


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