Professor David Hills

Professor of Engineering Science
(Director, University Technology Centre for Solid Mechanics)

Professor David Hills
Department of Engineering Science,
University of Oxford,
Parks Road,
+44 1865 2 73119


  • BA / MA  Engineering Science, St John’s College Oxford (1976)
  • Ph.D. in Subsurface effects in Wear, CNAA, Trent Polytechnic (1980)
  • DSc Oxford (2002)

Research interests

  • Contact mechanics
  • Fretting Fatigue
  • Fracture mechanics and notches
  • Asymptotic methods

Other appointments

  • Director Rolls-Royce UTC Oxford in Solid Mechanics
  • Fellow and Tutor, currently Sub-Rector, Lincoln College
  • Lecturer, St Hilda’s College
  • Editor in Chief International Journal of Solids and Structures

Past Positions

  • Research Assistant and then lecturer, Trent Polytechnic (1977-1984)

Current research projects

  • Shakedown of Complete contacts (Rolls-Royce)
  • Receding contacts

Recent Publications

Full List:

Selected Publications

  • Barber, J. R., Davies, M and Hills, D. A.  Frictional Contact with Periodic Loading.  Int. Jnl. Solids Struct., 48,(2011), 2041–2047
  • S. Reina, R. J. H. Paynter, Hills, D. A. and Dini, D.  Determining the coefficient of friction between Solids without Sliding.  Wear, 269(5-6), (2010), p. 339-343.
  • Paynter, R. J. H., Hills, D. A. and Barber, J .R. The stress field at the surface of a flush shrink-fit shaft.  Proc. I Mech E Part C, J. Mech Sci., 223(10), 2009, 2241-2247.
  • Hui Qiu, Churchman, C. M. and Hills, D. A.  The screw dislocation in a three-quarter plane. Euro Jnl. Mechanics, Part A –Solids, 27, (2008), 730-736.
  • Churchman, C. M. and Hills, D.A.  General results for complete contacts subject to oscillatory shear.  J. Mech. Phys. Solids, (2006), 54, 1186-1205.
  • Kartal, M.E. Barber, J.R., Hills, D. A. and Nowell, D. Partial Slip problem for two semi-infinite strips in contact. Int. Jnl. Engineering Science,  49, (2011), 203-211.
  • Hui Qiu, Dini, D. and Hills, D. A. Torsion of an elastic flat-ended contact. J. Mech. Phys. Solids,  56(12), (2008), 3352-3362.

Awards / Accomplishments

  • ASME Tribology Division K.L. Johnson Award for the Best Paper in Contact Mechanics 2010
  • I Mech E 2010 Thomas Bernard Hall Prize
  • I Mech E 2008 Thomas Bernard Hall Prize
  • I.Mech. E. 2001 George Stephenson Prize

Institutional activities

  • Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers