Dr Daniel Eakins

Dr. Daniel Eakins
Department of Engineering Science,
University of Oxford, Impact Laboratory
Begbroke Science Park, Begbroke Hill,
Woodstock Road, Begbroke,
+44 1865 6 13078


  • PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (2007)
  • M.S., Washington State University (2003)
  • B.S., Washington State University (2001)

Research interests

  • Shock compression of solids
  • Dynamic strength, incipient plasticity, and failure
  • Ultrafast X-ray probing of extreme states
  • Hexagonal materials
  • Shock-induced chemistry
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Granular materials

Past Positions

  • 2016-2017 Senior Lecturer, Department of Physics, Imperial College London
  • 2014-2017 Deputy Director, Institute of Shock Physics, Imperial College London
  • 2010-2016 Lecturer, Department of Physics, Imperial College London
  • 2007-2009  Director’s Postdoctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

Current research projects

  • High-rate/shock response of Mg/alloys
  • Establishment of dynamic loading platforms at the ESRF
  • Dynamic behaviour of additively manufactured metals and alloys
  • Investigation of the elastic precursor decay phenomenon
  • Thermomechanical study of adiabatic shear localization in Ti alloys
  • Development of reflectance thermometry for spatially resolved measurements at low temperatures
  • Dynamic compaction of porous and granular materials

Recent Publications

Full List:

Selected Publications

  •  T.G. White, A. Tikku, M.F.A. Silva, G. Gregori, A. Higginbotham, and D.E. Eakins, “Identifying deformation mechanisms in molecular dynamics simulations of laser shocked matter”, Journal of Computational Physics 350, 16 (2017).
  • M.E. Rutherford, D.J. Chapman, J.G. Derrick, J.R.W. Patten, P.A. Bland, A. Rack, G.S. Collins, and D.E. Eakins, “Probing the early stages of shock-induced chondritic meteorite formation at the mesoscale”, Scientific Reports 7, 45206 (2017).
  • G. Whiteman, G.D. Owen, J. De'Ath, D.J. Chapman, D.E. Eakins, J.G. Turner, and J.C.F. Millett, “Spatially resolved measurements of grain size effects on the shock and spall response of quasi-Taylor wave loaded pure copper”, Journal of Applied Physics 122, 035106 (2017).
  • T.A. Ota, D.J. Chapman, and D.E. Eakins, “Monte-Carlo modelling to determine optimum filter choices for sub-microsecond optical pyrometry”, Review of Scientific Instruments 88, 044902 (2017).
  • R.E. Winter, S.M. Stirk, E.J. Harris, D.J. Chapman, and D.E. Eakins, “A technique for studying the response of materials to high rate, high strain deformation”, International Journal of Impact Engineering 97, 116 (2016).
  • R. Torchio, F. Occelli, O. Mathon, A. Sollier, E. Lescoute, L. Videau, T. Vinci, A. Benuzzi-Mounaix, J. Headspith, W. Helsby, S.N. Bland, D.E. Eakins, D.J. Chapman, S. Pascarelli, and P. Loubeyre, “Probing local and electronic structure in Warm Dense Matter: single pulse synchrotron x-ray absorption spectroscopy on shocked Fe”, Scientific Reports 6, 26402 (2016).
  • T.D. Swinburne, M.G. Glavicic, K.M. Rahman, N.G. Jones, J. Coakley, D.E. Eakins, T.G. White, V. Tong, D. Milathianaki, G.J. Williams, D. Rugg, A.P. Sutton, and D. Dye, “Picosecond dynamics of a shock-driven displacive phase transformation in Zr”, Physical Review B 93, 144119 (2016).
  • D.E. Eakins and D.J. Chapman, “X-ray imaging of subsurface dynamics in high-Z materials at the Diamond Light Source”, Review of Scientific Instruments 85, 123708 (2014).
  • D.E. Eakins and N.N. Thadhani, “Shock compression of reactive powder mixtures”, International Materials Reviews 54, 181 (2013).