7th LIMA Users Club Meeting

The Laboratory for In-situ Microscopy and Analysis (LIMA) is pleased to announce that it will hold its 7th Users Club Meeting on Tuesday the 26th of February, 2019 in the Department of Engineering Science (LR8, IEB) from 2pm. Since its launch the Laboratory has enjoyed a number of exciting collaborations aimed at gaining further insight into fundamental aspects of material behaviour in areas ranging from Biology and Physics through to Engineering and Materials Science. This is a friendly and informal event, which presents an opportunity for past, current and future users and industrial partners to share their research, exchange ideas, etc. The preliminary Meeting Agenda is attached.  Refreshments will be provided and there will be an opportunity to visit the facility. If you would like to attend, please e-mail me directly or lima@eng.ox.ac.uk. For more information please visit www2.eng.ox.ac.uk/solidmech/lima