Thermomechanical Laboratory (TML)

Lima Facilities 1

TA Instruments DMA Q800, Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)

Viscoelastic properties of materials as a function of temperature and frequency in a controlled environment.

Storage (Elastic) and Loss (damping) properties measured in tensile, bending, compression and shear modes of deformation. Option for running samples in submersion (liquids).

Lima Facilities 2

Anton Parr Rheometer Physica MCR301

Shear Viscosity (measured by rotational mode), Dynamic material properties such as viscoelastic modulus and phase angle (measured by oscillation mode).

Cone and plate measuring systems.

Controlled temperature and atmosphere.

Lima Facilities 3

TA Instruments DSC Q2000, Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) & Modulated DSC

Heat flow measurements of a sample whilst heated, cooled or held at constant temperature in a controlled atmosphere.

Melting and Re-crystallisation, Glass Transitions (softening), Cross-linking reactions, Oxidative & Thermal stability, Heat capacity & Denaturation.


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