Lima Research 1Research at LIMA is aimed at gaining further insight into fundamental aspects of material behaviour. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Crack formation & propagation in brittle materials
  • Mechanical behaviour of aero engine material  systems, including metal alloys (Ti64), composites & foams
  • Mechanical properties of biological systems, e.g. silk, tendons, bones
  • Characterisation of surface composition and adsorption kinetics, e.g. amides at polymer-air interface
  • Development and applications of novel techniques for studying materials behaviour and interactions in-situ

For more information please see some of our recent publications, listed below, or contact the Facility Manager ( 

Recent Publications

Lima Research 5Prashant Potnis & John Huber, In-situ observation of needle domain evolution in barium titanate single crystals, Journal of the European Ceramic Society, Vol.33(2), pp327–333, 2013

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Alexander M. Korsunsky, Felix Hofmann, Xu Song, Brian Abbey and Nikolaos Baimpas , A Review of Recent In Situ Deformation Studies Using Synchrotron X-Ray (Micro) Beams Micro & Nanosystems, Vol. 4(2), pp 97-105, 2012

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