Lima Facilities 1Carl Zeiss Evo LS15 VP-Scanning Electron Microscope
SE, BSE, VPSE, EPSE detectors
INCA X-Act X-ray system (Oxford Instruments)
OIM XM 4 Hikari EBSD System (EDAX)
Peltier stage – -50 - +150oC (Deben UK)




Lima Facilities 2Veeco Dimension 3100 Atomic Force Microscope
Tapping Mode
Contact Mode
Piezo-response Force Microscopy
Force-Distance measurements




Lima Facilities 3Alicona Infinite Focus 3D Profilometer
5, 10, 20, 50, 100X objectives
Profile form, 3D-Form
Profile/Surface Roughness
2D Measurements & Automation




Lima Facilities 45kN and 2N tensile compression stages (Deben UK)
2, 20, 150, 660, 2000 & 5000N load cells
Heating/cooling module  -50  - +150oC





Lima Facilities 5Loading adaptors for bending, double torsion & Brazilian disk testing
In-situ EBSD capability
Compatible with all LIMA Microscopes





Lima Facilities 6Specimen preparation area
Accurate cutting
Hot & Cold Mounting
Grinding & Polishing
Fixture manufacture