Prof David Dye, Imperial College London, UK

Adventures in Alloys
When Jan 29, 2018
from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM
Where LR8
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Contact Phone 01865-283446
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In materials science, we are often engineering slightly beyond the limits of our mechanistic understanding - which is, in any case, far poorer than we often like to imagine.  In this talk, we will look at three different problems — (i) hot salt stress corrosion cracking (HSSCC), (ii) our emerging understanding of dwell fatigue in titanium alloys, and (iii) the development of viable Co/Ni superalloys.  In HSSCC, we will see how the combination of FIB-SIMS and TEM allows an understanding of an unknown, non-understood jet engine failure to be developed and converted into a known and understood issue that can be overcome - and the open questions then whittled down. For the challenge of dwell fatigue in titanium alloys, will see how the issues of alpha2 Ti3Al formation, slip band formation, grain-to-grain slip and strain transfer, when combined with modelling and micromechanics, helps us to move towards an understanding where we can engineer improved alloys.  We will then finish by considering the requirements for rotating aero-engine polycrystalline components and how those impact upon alloy design in the new Co-based superalloy system. We will then review progress in developing oxidation-resistant alloys that meet those goals.