Prof. Daniele Dini (Imperial College London, UK)

Modelling in Tribology: a Multidisciplinary Journey from Molecules to Engineering Applications
When Feb 20, 2017
from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM
Where LR8
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Contact Phone 01865-283446
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Tribological phenomena are governed by events and mechanisms which find their roots at the small scales, even more so in environments where mechanical and chemical effects are intimately coupled.  For example, nano-scale thermal and particle emission events control the formation of antiwear additive films and oxidation; surface damage, such us crack initiation and wear, results from the accumulation of strain at dislocations level; corrosion events are triggered and controlled by molecular interactions. The key challenge addressed in this talk is the need for the development of robust methodologies for the integration of the skills and techniques recently developed by our modelling team at different scales to capture physical, chemical and mechanical processes and interactions across the scales via multi-physics modelling strategies. Example of modelling methodologies developed and employed to solve problems at specific length- and time-scales will be presented before concentrating on coupling strategies to be adopted to shed light on macro-scale tribological events while zooming-in to understand their governing mechanisms.  Various applications will be discussed ranging from automotive and aerospace to biomedical engineering.