Dr Elisa Mele, Department of Materials, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK

Materials with engineered porosity for biomedical applications
When May 28, 2019
from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM
Where LR1, Thom Building
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Contact Phone +44 (0)1865 273030
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One of the main requirements that scaffolds for tissue engineering should possess is a porous structure with interconnected porosity that promotes cells and nutrients infiltration, and yet has mechanical strength to support in vivo loading. Three main approaches have been proposed to achieve this goal: manufacture natural or synthetic biomaterials, decellularise the tissue of interest, and stimulate cells to generate their own matrix. My research focuses on the first approach and this seminar is an overview of the technologies currently used in my group to manufacture biomaterials with multiscale porosity: electrospinning, phase separation and 3D printing.