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Time-resolved retardance and optic-axis angle measurement system for characterization of flexoelectro-optic liquid crystal and other birefringent devices

Julian A. J. Fells, Steve. J. Elston, Martin J. Booth, and Stephen M. Morris, Opt. Express 26, 6126-6142 (2018) 

Data is in the process of being uploaded - more will follow (last Update 6 March 2018)

timeresdata: A matlab data file with the raw and processed data for a ULH liquid crytsal cell. 
pubfig1: A matlab script for printing Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 in the publication

Simply load the data file and run the script to recreate Fig. 6 and Fig. 7.

List of key variables:
t: time (vector)
inputvoltage: Input voltage waveform (vector)
uphi: Demodulated phase vs time (vector)
deltam: Demodulated retardance vs time (vector)
meansig: Mean signal power vs time (vector)

setangle: The set of analyser angles (1:72 are for LCP, 74:145 are for RCP)
IntensityData: Photodetector voltage vs t [first dimension] and setangle [3rd dimension])

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