Electrical & Opto-electronic Engineering

Introduction to Electrical & Opto-electronic Engineering.

Work in this area includes communications, nano-science and technology, circuit design, microscopy, energy and power and photonics. It is supported by facilities such as optical darkrooms, clean rooms, an anechoic chamber for RF measurements, and extensive measurement and characterisation facilities.


Communications EngineeringIn the Communications Group we are developing novel wireless communications schemes exploiting ultra-wideband technology with multiple input multiple output architectures. Very active work is being pursued in optical communications techniques for indoor wireless systems. Device development work is actively pursuing applications of metamaterials in communications systems and for radar technologies. Medical applications of radar and ultrawideband imaging techniques are being developed in conjunction with colleagues from the medical sciences. We are also beginning to make use of nanotechnology to develop radio like receivers for Terahertz and optical frequencies.

Microelectronic Circuits & Systems

Microelectronic Circuits & SystemsIn Circuit design and testing we focus on testing integrated circuits, and designing analogue interfaces to sensors, particularly for optical detectors for digital cameras, optical communications, MEM's and microphones.

Optical & Photonic Engineering

Optoelectronic EngineeringResearch in the area of optical engineering ranges from the development of high resolution optical microscopes for biological applications to adaptive optics for microscopical systems. Applications in photonics include the liquid crystal theory and devices and laser nano fabrication of photonic structures. Many projects are undertaken in partnership with researchers in other disciplines and with industry.