Lens mechanics studies (in collaboration with the Barraquer Ophthalmology Institute, Barcelona, Spain)

Dr Harvey Burd, Dr Laura Panilla Cortes, Dr Ralph Michael, Dr Gustavo Montenegro, Dr Antonio Pellegrino, Dr Brian Sheil

Several joint projects are currently underway on experimental measurements and numerical modelling studies relating to the mechanics of the human lens. A photograph taken in Oxford during a progress meeting January 2017 is shown below (from left, Brian Sheil, Ralph Michael (Barraquer Institute), Harvey Burd, Antonio Pellegrino).


Current work is under way on the development of procedures to make direct observations of the strains induced in the lens capsule during ex vivo lens stretching. A project on the observation of equatorial wrinkles in the lens capsule has recently been completed (see Burd et al. 2017).


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