Publications 2016

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(3) Akbar I. Inamdar*,   Ramchandra S. Kalubarme,   Jongmin Kim,  Yongcheol Jo,   Hyunseok Woo,   Sangeun Cho,   S. M. Pawar,  Chan-Jin Park,   Young-Woo Lee,   Jung Inn Sohn,  Seungnam Cha,   Jungwon Kwak,   Hyungsang Kim,  Hyunsik Im*, "Nickel Titanate Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes with High Reversible Capacity and High-Rate Long-Cycle Life PerformanceJournal of Materials Chemistry A, 4 (2016) 4691-4699.

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(6) Byung-Sung Kim, Darren C. J. Neo, Bo Hou, Jong Bae Park, Yuljae Cho, Nanlin Zhang, John Hong, Sangyeon Pak, Sanghyo Lee, Jung Inn Sohn, Hazel E. Assender, Andrew A. R. Watt*, SeungNam Cha*, Jong Min Kim. "High Performance PbS Quantum Dot/Graphene Hybrid Solar Cell with Efficient Charge Extraction" ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces8 (2016) 13902–13908.


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