Publications 2013

[Publications 2013]

(1) Jung Inn Sohn, SeungNam Cha*, Seong Min Kim, HyunJin Kim, JiYeon Ku, Sanghyo Lee, Huynh Van Ngoc, Joon Hyock Choi, Young Jun Park, Dae Joon Kang, Jinpyo Hong, Zhong Lin Wang, Jong Min Kim, and Kinam Kim, “Engineering of efficiency limiting free carriers and an interfacial energy barrier for an enhancing piezoelectric generation”, Energy &Environmental Science (2013), 6, 97

(2) SeungNam Cha, Suok Lee, Jae Eun Jang, Arang Jang, Jin Pyo Hong, Jung Inn Sohn*, Dae Joon Kang, and Jong Min Kim, “Ultrafast and low temperature laser annealing for crystalline TiO2 nanostructures patterned by electro-hydrodynamic lithography”, Applied Physics Letters (2013), 103, 053114

(3) Jong Bae Park, Woong-Ki Hong, Tae Sung Bae, Jung Inn Sohn, SeungNam Cha, Jong Min Kim, Jongwon Yoon, Takhee Lee, “Strain-induced bandgap modulation in ZnO microwires with wavy configurations”, Nanotechnology (2013), 24, 455703

(4) SangHyo Lee, JunSeok Lee, WonBae Ko, SeungNam Cha, Jung Inn Sohn,  Jong Min Kim, JaeGun Park, Youngjun Park, and JinPyo Hong, “Solution-processed Ag-doped ZnO Nanowires grown on Flexible Polyester for Wearable Nanogenerator Applications”, Nanoscale (2013), 5, 9609

(5) Won Bae Ko, Jun Seok Lee, Sang Hyo Lee, SeungNam Cha, Jung Inn Sohn, Jong Min Kim, Young Jun Park, and Jin Pyo Hong, “Luminance Behavior of Lithium-Doped ZnO Nanowires with p-Type Conduction Characteristics”, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (2013), 13, 6231

(6) Sangmin Lee, Sung-Hwan Bae , Long Lin , Ya Yang , Chan Park, Sang-Woo Kim, SeungNam Cha, Hyunjin Kim, Young Jun Park, and Zhong Lin Wang, “Super-Flexible Nanogenerator for Energy Harvesting from Gentle Wind and as an Active Deformation Sensor”, (Front Cover) Adv. Funct. Mater. (2013), 23, 2445

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(8) Dae-Yeong Lee, Hyunjin Kim, Hua-Min Li, A-Rang Jang,Yeong-Dae Lim, Seung Nam Cha, Young Jun Park, Dae Joon Kang and Won Jong Yoo, “Hybrid energy harvester based on nanopillar solar cells and PVDF nanogenerator”, Nanotechnology (2013), 24, 175402

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