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He is an Associate Professor in Department of Engineering Science at University of Oxford. He worked as a principal senior research scientist at Samsung Electronics and Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, a central research institute of Samsung Group for 17 years before he joined in University of Oxford at 2012. His research interests are nanoelectronics, solar cell, mechanical energy harvesting, and optoelectronic/lighting devices based on low dimensional functional nanomaterials.

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Prof. Jong Min Kim, PhD, Email:

Jong Min Kim is a Professor of Electrical Engineering in 1944 at University of Cambridge and was the Chair of Electrical Engineering at the University of Oxford from 2012 to 2016. He is also an external advisor/supervisor of NST group. Prof. Kim was formerly Senior Vice President for Technology at Samsung Electronics (1999-2012). His research is described in more than 550 journal papers/proceedings (including 8 Nature/Science, and Nature family journals), 253 patents worldwide. He is responsible for a number of world firsts: CQD based LEDs and displays, LED on glass, CNT field emission high definition displays, and transparent and flexible graphene electrode. He managed commercialization of LCD, PDP, OLED, and LEDs in Samsung. OLED and LEDs were largely started by Prof Kim’s team. He has also managed many high technology trans-national projects including the EU academia-industry project TakOff  (Framework 6 project-IST2000-28519, €10.5 million); major Samsung collaborations with Stanford University (2003-2011), Dupont R&D Centre (2001-2006) and 3M R&D Centre (2004-2009) in US, Toray (2004-2009) in Japan and the Chinese Academy of Science (2003-2010) in China. Recently, he was awarded an ERC advanced grant (2013-2018, “Universal Framework for charge Transport in Quantum Dot Systems”) to study fundamental science/technology for energy/charge transport dynamics in CQD systems and is an overall PI and Project coordinator of Horizon2020, 1D-NEON.

Dr. Gooyeon Hwang, Visiting scholar. Currently: National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea

Dr. Jong Bae Park, Visiting scholar, Currently: Korea Basic Science Institute

Prof. Tae-Lim Choi, Visiting scholar. Currently: Professor at Seoul National University

Dr. Dae-Hwan Jung, Visiting scholar. Currently: Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (South Korea)

Dr. Byung-Sung Kim, Postdoc. Currently: LG electronics

Dr. A-Rang Jang, Visiting scholar. Currently: Postdoc at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)

Dr. Young-Woo Lee, Postdoc. Currently: Professor at Soonchunhyang University

Dr. Jung Inn Sohn, Senior Research Fellow (Academic Staff). Currently: Professor at Dongguk University

Mr. Juwon Lee, DPhil Student. Currently: Senior Deputy Director at Ministry of Science and ICT (The Republic of Korea)

Prof. Hansu Kim, Visiting scholar, Currently: Professor at Hanyang University

Dr. Yong-Hae Kim, Visiting scholar, Currently: Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)

Dr. Bo Hou, Postdoc. Currently: Senior research associate at the University of Cambridge

Dr. Gabriel Beji, Postdoc.