Welcome to the Oxford Nano Science and Technology Group

The research in the NST group is highly interdisciplinary, encompassing materials science, electrical engineering, physics, and chemistry. Furthermore, it involves extensive collaborations with both internal  and external academic research groups as well as industrial collaborators so as to develop strategies for Nano-Based Convergence Technology. Our research is centred on a variety of themes ranging from designing novel low-dimensional materials (including the development of facile synthetic routes) to understanding unique material properties.  The research also aims to understand fundamental scientific phenomena at the nanoscale and, ultimately, to integrate these functional materials into electrical, optoelectronic, and energy devices/systems through advanced fabrication routes.

The NST group has well equipped laboratories to support the extensive research on nano materials and technologies  some of which is housed within the basement of the Thom building (for 1-D and 2-D nanomaterials synthesis, fabrication and characterisation of energy generation and storage devices) and some in the ETB (for 0-D nanomaterials synthesis, fabrication and characterisation of solar cell, electronic and optoelectronic devices). There is also  high-value equipment such as 3 CVDs, a hydrothermal synthesis system, a hot-injection synthesis system, transfer printer for mono-layered films, and electrical & optical characterisation systems, etc.