Who's who in the group


Current  members

  • Dr. Ching-Mei Chen, PhD (Oxford Brookes)
  • Deyan Levski, MSc. (Linkoepig)
  • Heather Nelson, M.Eng (Exter)
  • Guowei Tao, M.Eng. (Birmingham)
  • Alessandro Michel Brunetti, Mag. (Naples)
  • Nadia Pinton, M.Sc.(EPFL, Turin, Grenoble)
  • Mus'ab Shaharom, M.Sc. (Imperial), B.Sc. (Vanderbilt)
  • Francesco Giorgio, Mag. (Naples)
  • Oscar Rahnama, BEE (McGill, Canada)

Past members

  • Dr. Danial Chitnis, Currently at Edinburgh University
  • Dr. Aleksej Makarov, on secondment from Vlatacom
  • Dr. Luiz Gouveia, PhD. (Edinburgh) Currently with IMSE-CNM, Spain
  • Dr. Waqas Mughal, Ph.D. (Glasgow)
  • Dr. Chenchen Deng
  • Dr. Hsiu-Yu Cheng
  • Dr. Jingjing Liu, currently with Kuang-Chi Institute of Advanced Technology, China
  • Dr. Ross Turnbull, Currently with Swindon Silicon Systems
  • Dr. Dipayan Das, Currently with Rutherford Appleton labs
  • Dr. Ratnasingam Sivalogeswaran, Currently with ANU, Australia
  • Dr. Stephen Otim, Currently with Shell, Netherlands
  • Dr. Alistair McEwan, Currently with Sydney University, Australia
  • Dr. Sunay Shah, Currently with Sharp Laboratories of Europe, Oxford
  • Dr. Dileepan Joseph, Currently with University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
  • Satoshi Aoyama, Currently with Shizuoka University, Japan
  • Dr Jey Ngole