OXCAS 2017

Oxford Circuits and Systems Conference

The OXFORD CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS CONFERENCE provides a forum and opportunity for discussions of recent advances in analogue and mixed-signal VLSI design within a broad range of both academic and industrial research experts in device physics, CMOS circuit design and system integration. The 2017 edition of this conference will be held in the premises of the University of Oxford at Somerville College on September 19th 2017. OXCAS2017 will include oral and poster sessions, with a competition for the best paper, poster and presentation awards, generously provided by our sponsors: IET and Fujitsu.

Authors of all selected papers will be invited to submit full papers for review in a special issue of the Springer Journal of Analog IC and Signal Processing.

The conference invites submissions into broad areas of chip design, which includes but not limited to:

  • Analogue: Switched-Capacitor circuits, Comparators; Nonlinear circuits; Voltage and current references; High-Voltage CMOS circuits; OP-Amps and instrumentation amplifiers; Continuous- and Discrete-Time filters; VCOs; PLLs; DC-DC converters
  • Data Converters: Oversampled and Nyquist-rate A/D and D/A converters; Track-hold circuits; Digital/Analog Calibration/Error correction schemes; Time-to-digital converters
  • Radio Frequency and Optical Communication: RF building blocks; Low-noise amplifiers; Mixers; Power-amplifiers; Detectors; Antenna design and THz sensing
  • Sensors and Imagers: CMOS and CCD image sensors; Image sensor readout; MEMS sensors and readout; Temperature sensors; Signal conditioning and Analog front end design; X-Ray imaging and detectors; Implantable and Biomedical Imagers; Organic electronic designs and Liquid crystal flat-panel projection and display
  • Digital Design: High-performance and enegry efficient digital embedded system design; I/O chip interconnect; LVDS interfaces; Clocking; Digital arithmetic circuits; Microprocessors; Memory management and interfaces
  • Applications: Biomedical circuits and systems; Circuits and systems for communications; Nonlinear systems; Multimedia systems and applications; Hardware security; System on chip and Network on chip
  • Beyond CMOS: Nanoelectronics and hybrid systems; Gigascale systems; Memristors; Non-silicon circuits including III-V devices

Authors are invited to submit a two-page abstract describing original work to .

Abstracts should include title, list of authors and figures clearly explaining the proposed concepts.


Sponsored by Fujitsu and IET

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline : 15th July, 2017

Notification of acceptance: 10th August, 2017

Conference registration deadline : 1st September, 2017

Presentation Day : 19th September, 2017

Full paper submission for review in AICSP : 15th October, 2017