Presenters Guide

 Oxford Circuits and Systems Conference


Guidelines for Presentations


Oral Presentations

The time allotted for oral presentation is 15 minutes, which provides for 12 minutes of lectures and 3 minutes for questions. It is a good practice to plan for 1 slide per minute and hence 12 slides should be sufficient for your presentation. Please send a copy of your presentation by 16th of September.


Poster presentation

All poster presenters are invited to present a 2-minute oral summaryof their poster. You may like to provide a quick slide-less pitch or use a maximum of 2 slides for this.

The poster should be designed and printed on a maximum size of A1 with portrait orientation (84 cm high x 60 cm wide (23in x 33 in). Please ensure the poster contains the paper title, author’s name and affiliations. In addition, it is generally not a good idea to have long texts in a poster. It is better to use bullet points. We suggest printing the poster on paper or cloth. Should you need printing support, you can use the services of printers in Oxford and collect your poster here. Please get in touch with us, if you need any help.