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I have now left Oxford to become chair of Analogue Circuits and Image Sensors in Siegen in Germany. This is an old site and in due course will be redirected.

Till mid-2017, I was an Associate Professor in the department of Engineering Science and a tutorial fellow of Somerville College. Along with Prof. Steve Collins, I led the microelectronics circuits and systems group at Oxford. My research interests span a broad spectrum of analogue circuits and sensors for biomedical as well as commercial applications.

On-going research projects
These are the areas which are currently being investigated in my group.

  • CMOS Pixels for very low light and biomedical imaging
  • Analogue to Digital Converters for image sensors
  • Filters for colour imaging
  • Coupled and nonlinear micro/nano electromechanical resonators including Graphene resonators
  • Arrays on linear and nonlinear resonators


We are thankful for research funding from various sources which enables us to undertake our explorations. Our public funding is listed below. In addition, we are supported by a number of European industries.


Univ. Prof. Dr. B Choubey
Chair, Analogue Circuits and Image Sensors
University of Siegen
Holderlinstr. 3, Siegen 57076, Germany
Email: choubey@ieee.org