CDT Administration at Oxford

    Co-director: Prof  L  He    (email: )

    CDT administrator           (email:

CDT Academic Supervisors at Oxford (research expertise):

     Prof  P Ireland (Turbine Heat Transfer, Cooling and Aerodynamics)

     Prof  L He  (Computational Aerothermal Methods, Shape Design Optimization)

     Prof D Gillespie (Internal and External Heat Transfer and Cooling )

     Prof T Povey (High-speed Instrumentation, Heat Transfer and Aerodynamics)

     Prof B Rosic (Turbine Aerodynamics, Turbine-Combustion Integration )

     Prof E Walsh (Micro-fluidics, System Heat Transfer and Cooling)

     Dr M Bacic (Engine Control for Aerothermal Performance)

     Dr M McGilvray (Hypersonic Flow, Turbine Internal Heat Transfer)

     K Chana (Instrumentation, Turbine Heat Transfer and Aerodynamics)

Further staff research profiles & contact details can be found via the Osney Lab website: