Reinforced Soil

The performance of geotechnical structures (such as roads, foundations, embankments and retaining walls) can often be improved by the use of soil reinforcement. A lengthy program of research has been underway at Oxford University on developing an improved understanding of the mechanics of reinforced soil.

Current Research

Surface Reinforcement for Steep Slopes
Research is currently underway in collaboration with Prof. Cesar Sagaseta and Dr Almudena da Costa of the University of Cantabria at Santander in Spain. This project is concerned with the study of soil reinforcement methods to prevent the development of shallow instabilities in steep slopes. The Oxford contribution to this research is concerned with the development of finite element procedures (based on the program OXFEM) to investigate the influence of soil weathering on the stresses developed in the reinforcement and the deformations of the slope.

Da Costa Garcia, A. (2004) Inestabilidades por degradación superficial de taludes en suelos. Corrección mediante sistemas de refuerzo anclados. Tesis Doctoral, Universidad de Cantabria, Espana.

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