Numerical Modelling of Soils and Structures

A range of problems in soil mechanics and in structural analysis are being investigated using numerical methods, primarily finite elements. Many of the projects are a mix of these two areas of civil engineering and some are linked to programmes of physical modelling, also taking place at Oxford.

Both commercial (e.g. ABAQUS) and in-house software packages are used for this research. A large non-linear finite element analysis code, developed over many years, is available for use and extension to new problems. More details are given on the page about the development of our finite element software.

Current Projects


    A major programme of research into the modelling of tunnelling-induced settlement damage in masonry structures has been underway since 1993. This research makes extensive use of the in-house finite element program OXFEM. Details of particular projects are given in the tunnelling research page.

    Fundamental Soil Mechanics

    Applications of theoretical analysis to problems in soil mechanics forms an important part of the work of the group, and this is supported by more fundamental work on soil modelling as exemplified by two projects on the Numerical Analysis of Bearing Capacity , and A Thermomechanical Approach to Constitutive Modelling of Geomaterials.

Offshore Structures and Foundations

    Research into the behaviour of offshore structures at Oxford covers both numerical and physical modelling. Projects with a particular emphasis on numerical modelling include the Use of Reliability Methods for the Analysis of Jack-Up Units and the Physical and Numerical Modelling of a Jack-Up Rig Subjected to Random Seas. More information on research in this area is given on the offshore structures and foundations page.

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