Pile Soil Analysis Project

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The Pile Soil Analysis (PISA) project is a research project aimed at investigating and developing improved design methods for laterally loaded piles, specifically tailored to the offshore wind sector. It is a joint industry project led by DONG Energy and run through the Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator programme.

The main aim of the PISA project is to develop a new design methodology for offshore wind turbine monopile foundations, to overcome the shortcomings of the current methods. The project focuses on the use of numerical finite element modelling to develop the new design method, which is validated through a campaign of large scale field tests.

Please view the following pages for information on:

Project structure and partners

Development of p-y design methodology

Numerical Finite Element analysis

Large scale field tests

Future work


The principal investigator on the PISA project is Prof. Byron Byrne to whom all enquiries should be addressed. Coordination assistance is provided by