To carry out our research we make use of a wide range of numerical, theoretical and laboratory techniques. For computational work we make use of commercial software such as ABAQUS or we have our own in-house developed software, such as OxLIM. Our research in the laboratory makes use of bespoke equipment, and these images show some of the equipment we have developed. Please use the link to the left to download higher resolution images.

Foundation Loading Experiments (3DOF and 6DOF Loading Rigs)

3 DOF Loading Rig   6 DOF Loading Rig

Pipeline Experiments

Axial Friction Test   Biaxial Pipeline Loading Rig   Long Tank for Pipeline Tests

Actuator for Testing Pipelines    Pipeline Uplift Testing Rig

Caisson Experiments

Single Caisson Installation Experiment   Tripod Caisson Installation Experiment   Caisson Vertical Loading Tests

Monopile Long Term Cyclic Loading Experiments

Long Term Cyclic Loading Rig

Large Scale Field Testing

Bothkennar Caisson Tests   Bothkennar Caisson Tests (Schematic)