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New paper on Suppression of Splashing published in PRL and featured in New Scientist, Physics Focus, and Physics Central/Physics Buzz!

Ellis Parry,

DPhil student of this group and the Soft Photonics Group has just won the prize for best First Year PhD project presentation at MERCK (EPSRC-MERCK funded DPhil). Well done Ellis!

Christopher Howland

EPSRC Vacation Bursary working at the lab in collaboration with Rob Style from the Mathematical Institute at Oxford on the splashing of drops on soft solids won the 2015 Best Vacation Bursary Poster in the MPLS Division for the best poster!  Congratulations Chris!


Dynamic nozzles for drop generators

A novel method to both produce satellite-free drops and modulate the size of the main drop is presented. By reducing the size of the nozzle during fluid ejection the the dynamics of both the liquid ligament and the main drop are modified - this results in the reduction, or complete suppression, of undesired satellite droplets. Review of Scientific Instruments (RSI) published online  here


New paper in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. published online today!

Plethora of transitions during breakup of liquid filaments



Fluid flows, governed by nonlinear equations, permit formation of singularities. Often, singularities are artifacts of neglecting physical effects. However, free-surface flows exhibit observable singularities including filament break-up. As filaments thin, slightly (highly) viscous filaments are expected from theory to transition from an inertial (viscous) regime where viscosity (density) is negligible to an inertial–viscous regime where viscous and inertial effects are important. Previous works show this transition either does not occur or occurs for filament radii well below theoretical predictions. We demonstrate that thinning filaments unexpectedly pass through a number of intermediate transient regimes, thereby delaying onset of the final regime. The findings raise the question if similar dynamical transitions arise in problems that are not necessarily hydrodynamic in nature.

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