UnICEG Meeting Presentations 2017 onwards

Here you will find copies of the presentations made at 2017 onwards meetings of the UK Universities Internal Combustion Engines Group (UnICEG). All presentations are in pdf format and have been approved for circulation by their respective authors. These versions may differ slightly in content from those presented at the meetings.

For further information on UnICEG membership and for details of upcoming meetings please contact either of the UnICEG co-secretaries, Dr Martin Davy (University of Oxford) or Dr Rob Morgan (University of Brighton).

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Easter Meeting 2019

"Emissions, Aftertreatment and RDE"

Date & Venue: Monday 29th April 2019, Queen's University Belfast

Christmas Meeting 2018

"High Efficiency and Zero Emission Engines"

Date & Venue: Thursday 6th December 2018, Brunel University London

September Meeting 2018

"Engine Combustion, Transient Performance and Control"

Date & Venue: Tuesday 25th September 2018, University of Birmingham

Easter Meeting 2018

"Thermal Management and Exhaust Aftertreatment"

Date & Venue: Tuesday 17th April 2018, University of Nottingham

MSP works the room

Cambustion's Dr Mark Peckham with the first presentation of the day (Photo: Antonino La Rocca)

Christmas Meeting 2017

"Economy, Performance and Emissions"

Date & Venue: Tuesday 12th December 2017, Loughborough University

Christmas meeting presentations to appear here as soon as they are made available by the presenters.

  • Transient RDE NOx emissions from gasoline and diesel vehicles, Mark Peckham, Cambustion Ltd.
  • Diesel EGR strategies and their effect on engine efficiency, Nick Papioannou, Felix Leach, Martin Davy, University of Oxford
  • Fuel Challenge Network. Penny Atkins, Brighton University
  • Mode Transition Management in Variable Displacement Engines. Byron Mason, Loughborough University
  • Particles characterization from GDI engines with exhaust gas fuel reforming. Dr Herreros & Prof Wyszysnki, Birmingham University
  • Effect of Cylinder Deactivation on Tribological Performance of Piston Compression Rings and Connecting Rod Bearings. Nick Morris, Madhi Mohammadpour, Ramin Rahmani, P.M. Johns-Rahnejat, Homer Rahnejat and Duncan Dowson, Loughborough University

September Meeting 2017

"Spray and Combustion Modelling and Validation"

Date & Venue: Wednesday 20th September 2017, Coventry University

Easter Meeting 2017

“Engine air handling and turbocharging”

Date & Venue: Tuesday 25th April 2017, Turbocharger Research Institute (TRI), University of Huddersfield