Professor Martin Davy

Dr. Martin Davy is an Associate Professor in Engineering Science at the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford.  He was appointed to a lectureship in Oxford in 2013, following earlier faculty appointments at University College London, the University of British Columbia, and Loughborough University. He is an Official Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford

His main interest is combustion in compression ignition engines, but he also has interests in in-cylinder heat transfer, atomization and sprays, and alternative fuels—including gaseous fuels for both transportation and stationary applications.

Dr. Davy currently leads Oxford’s activities in the joint University of Oxford / Jaguar Land Rover “Centre of Excellence for Compression Ignition Engine Combustion Research”, and is the Oxford Principal Investigator on the EPSRC sponsored project, “Ultra Efficient Engines and Fuels”.

Dr.  Davy works closely with Oxford colleagues Richard Stone and Ben Williams, and collaborates widely with industry and academic partners outside of the University. His research has been recognized by the IMechE (Dugald Clerk Prize) and the SAE (Myers Award). He is currently Co-Secretary of the Universities Internal Combustion Engines Group (UnICEG).

Enquiries from potential research students (graduate and undergraduate) are welcome.

Recent Publications