Professor Ben Williams

Dr. Ben Williams is an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Science, appointed in January 2017. He holds undergraduate (MPhys) and postgraduate (DPhil) qualifications from Oxford’s Physics Department.
His research interests focus on the development and application of non-intrusive measurement techniques to problems in thermofluids. Typically,  he uses laser-based techniques to monitor system properties, which minimises the risk of upsetting the delicate balance of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and chemistry that is responsible for the way a complex device like an IC engine works. He has used optical diagnostics in IC engines to make quantitative measurements of in-cylinder fuel distribution and incredibly precise measurements of so-called “charge cooling”. He has also employed lab-scale burner flames to probe the fundamental character of oxy-fuel combustion and the formation and growth of soot and nanoparticles, generating valuable datasets for model validation.
His research has been recognised by the Combustion Institute; and himself has been awarded the Sugden Prize (twice) and the Hinshelwood Prize.
  • Are you an undergraduate? Dr. Williams usually runs summer projects which are short-term programmes (~10 weeks) that aim to try out a new idea or develop a tool/algorithm that can be used in lab work, whilst giving you some experience of the research environment; get in touch if you’re interested. Recent projects have included “Tomographic Firewhirl Reconstruction” and “Ultrasonic Flow Sensing in Ducts”.
  • Are you a final year student? PhDs may be available in this area; contact Dr. Williams and let him know what you’re interested in.
  • Do you work in industry? Perhaps Dr. Williams' research can help solve your problem.

Recent Publications