Three new Oxford publications at SAENA ICE2017

Three new Oxford publications at SAENA ICE2017

Oxford Group in Capri (Left to Right) Blane Scott, Chris Willman, Felix Leach, Richard Stone

Oxford Combustion and Engines Group members Dr Chris Willman, Dr Felix Leach, Blane Scott and Prof. Richard Stone are this week (w/c 11th September) presenting three new publications at ICE2017 -- SAE Naples' 13th International Conference on Engines and Vehicles held on the island of Capri.

Dr. Willman will present his and Blane Scott's work on "In-Cylinder Temperature Measurements Using Laser Induced Grating Spectroscopy and Two-Colour PLIF", SAE Technical Paper No. 2017-24-0045: Link.

Prof. Stone is presenting Wednesday's Keynote presentation entitled, " Optical Techniques that can be Applied to Investigate GDI Engine Combustion", SAE Technical Paper No. 2017-24-0046: Link.

Dr Leach is presenting his and Riyaz Ismail's study, "Comparing the Effect of Fuel/Air Interactions in a Modern High-Speed Light-Duty Diesel Engine", SAE Technical Paper No. 2017-24-0075: Link.