4th Sprays SIG

The 4th Meeting of the UK Fluids Network SIG on Sprays was recently held at the University of Oxford on the 18th and 19th of September. Here you will find copies of the presentations given on each of the two days. Where no presentation is available, please feel free to request a copy directly from the presenter on the link provided.

Tuesday  18th September

"Sprays - What industry needs. Jaguar Land Rover CAE Perspective", Dr Sridhar Ayyapureddi, Jaguar Land Rover

"In-cylinder Particle Image Velocimetry(PIV) –Quantitative comparisons of vector fields", Christopher Willman, University of Oxford

"The effect of fuel sprays on in-cylinder flow", Blane Scott, University of Oxford

"A simple model for puffing/micro-explosions in water-fuel emulsion droplets", Prof. Sergei Sazhin, University of Brighton

"The Oxford Shock Tube - a new facility for spray research", Dr Martin Davy, University of Oxford

"Drop-on-demand inkjet printing of liquid crystals for photonics applications", Ellis Parry, University of Oxford

"Spray generation during drop impact and its implications in inkjet printing", Dr Volfango Bertola, Liverpool University

"Is it really the end of internal combustion engines and petroleum in transport?", Prof. Gautam Kalghatgi, University of Oxford

Wednesday  19th September

"Experiments in Support of Predictive Modelling for Spray Formation", Prof. Mark Linne, University of Edinburgh

"Optical Diagnostics for Sprays: Temperature", Dr Benjamin Williams, University of Oxford

"Atomisation, sprays and aerosols for delivery of drugs to the lungs", Henk Versteeg, Loughborough University

"Flow measurement for gasoline fuel injectors using Coriolis Mass Flow Meters", Maruthi Malladi, University of Oxford

"Numerical Studies of Combustion Recession on ECN Diesel Spray A", Leo Fang, University of Oxford

"A transient MDQD model for fuel droplet heating and evaporation of multi-component blended fuel", Nawar Al-Esawi, Coventry University

"Physics and modelling of the dynamics of high speed sprays", , University of Brighton

"Measurement and Modelling of Mono-disperse Droplet Heating and Evaporation", Luke Poulton, University of Brighton