Upcoming Events

19th September 2017

OXCAS 2017

We are organising a workshop on Circuits and Systems in Oxford. Click here for more details.

Past Events

20th April 2016

WGM - 2015

Series of lectures with the visiting IEEE Working Group on ICT. Click here for more details.

14th April 2016

Prof. Adam Herout

A lecture on sensors for Intelligent Transportation system

28th - 29 - September-2015

ACI - 2015

We are organising a workshop on Advances in Circuits and Sensors on 28th and 29th of September 2015. Click here for more details.



The ESRs have a management training event on Creativity on 30th of September


Workshop on Sensors with Sensys TPC Meeting


Akos Ledeczi, Vanderbilt – Graphical modeling language

Silvia Santini, TU Dresden - Sensing in electricity regulation

David Chu, Microsoft – Gaming in cloud

Kamin Whitehouse, Virginia – House automation and sensing

Anthony Rowe, Carnegie Melon – Electricity distribution and sensing in rural world

Tian He, Minnesota – Wireless sharing between protocols


10.30-11 break


11am -1pm

Marco Gruteser, Rutgers – Car communication

Koen Langendoen, Delft – Power of IoT, wireless charging

Sasu Tarcoma, Helsinki – Secure wearable IoT and mobile energy usage

Kay Romer, TU, Graz – Dependable networked sensors for critical applications.

Wen Hu, UNSW, Australia – RF interference to identify activity using RF signal

Polly Huang, NTU, Taiwan



Niki Trigoni, Oxford Computing – GPS denied environment - localisation

Nic Lane, Bell Labs – Deep learning in mobile phones

Sarfraz Nawaz, Cambridge – Route planning with low power sensors

Andrew Thompson, Oxford Mathematics – Compressed sensing

Madhav Kumar, Oxford Materials – Graphene for sensing

Bhaskar Choubey, Oxford Engineering – Wide dynamic range sensing and nonlinearity




Visitor : Dr. Dileepan Joseph, University of Alberta


Visitor: Dr. John O’Leary, Intel


October 2014

Mid-Term Review, Brussels