Martin Wäny



Martin Wäny graduated in microelectronics IMT Neuchâtel, in 1997. In 1998 he worked on CMOS image sensor at IMEC. In 1999 he joined the CSEM, as PHD student in the field of digital CMOS image sensors. In 2000 he won the Vision price for the invention of the LINLOG Technology and in 2001 the Photonics circle of excellence award of SPIE . In 2001 he co-founded the Photonfocus AG. In 2004 he founded AWAIBA Lda, ( were he is CEO. AWAIBA is a design-haus and supplier for area and linescan image sensors specialized on high speed and high dynamic range sensors and miniature wafer level camera modules for medical endoscopy and portable miniature vision. Martin Wäny was member of the founding board of EMVA the European machine vision association and the 1288 vision standard working group. He is member of IEEE and SPIE societies.


Miniaturization trends in medical imaging enabled by full wafer level integration of micro camera modules

The merge of MEMS and O-MEMS based technologies with wafer level optics, CMOS image sensor technologies and wafer level chip scale packaging technologies allows the realization of full wafer level assembled micro camera modules with unprecedented size miniaturization. The large economy of scale introduced to the traditionally "artisanal" endoscopic equipment manufacturing allows for one time use equipment, mitigating operational cost and risks associated with sterilization. The availability of miniature size high resolution imaging modules, (having all dimension smaller than 1mm) at a controlled cost allows the realization of novel medical imaging applications on equipment and in procedures where previously visualization was not possible or existing visualization was strongly limiting the versatility of the tools and providing limited resolution only. This talk gives an over view of key enabling technologies and application potentials.