Jaswinder Lota

Reader in Electronics & Communication Networks - University of East London


Jaswinder Lota is a Reader in Electronic Engineering at the University of East London which he joined in June 2009. Before that he was with Sepura plc. Cambridge United Kingdom, as a senior technologist, working on developing new technologies, algorithms, and standards relevant to future product development for TETRA mobile radios. Prior to joining Sepura, he was with the Navy from 1989 in various roles in engineering and  research for Radar and EW systems. He was the Guest Editor for the IEEE TCAS II SI on Biomedical and Bioelectronic Circuits for Enhanced Diagnosis and Therapy 2014. His research interests include delta-sigma modulator and wireless communication.


Delta Sigma Modulators, Compressive Sensing - Opportunities

High-speed analog design, radio-frequency front-end integration and ultra-low power sensors have been instrumental in setting the trends for applied research in microelectronics during the past decade. Of these, although continuous-time delta-sigma based analog-to digital converters, and compressive sensing have been around for quite a while, seem to be generating a revival of interest which gathers momentum as we look into 2020 and beyond. This opens up a whole set of new opportunities for collaborative research which would be presented during the talk.