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Antimony thin films demonstrate programmable optical nonlinearity

Zengguang Cheng, Tara Milne, Patrick Salter, Judy S. Kim, Samuel Humphrey, M. Booth and H. Bhaskaran, Science Advances, Vol. 7, no. 1, eabd7097,, (2021)


Implementation of a 4Pi-SMS super-resolution microscope

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Wavefront‐sensorless adaptive optics with a laser‐free spinning disk confocal microscope

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A Compact Full 2π Flexoelectro‐Optic Liquid Crystal Phase Modulator

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Volumetric two-photon fluorescence imaging of live neurons using a multimode optical fiber

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A universal framework for microscope sensorless adaptive optics: Generalized aberration representations

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Photonic Topological Mode Bound to a Vortex

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Millisecond Optical Phase Modulation Using Multipass Configurations with Liquid-Crystal Devices

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Microscope-AOtools: a generalised adaptive optics implementation

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Practical sensorless aberration estimation for 3D microscopy with deep learning

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Trimming laser-written waveguides through overwriting

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Compact and contactless reflectance confocal microscope for neurosurgery

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Deconvolution for multimode fiber imaging: modeling of spatially variant PSF

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CryoSIM: super-resolution 3D structured illumination cryogenic fluorescence microscopy for correlated ultrastructural imaging

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Background Reduction in STED-FCS Using a Bivortex Phase Mask

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Transmissive flexoelectro-optic liquid crystal optical phase modulator with 2 π modulation

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Multi-scale sensorless adaptive optics: application to stimulated emission depletion microscopy

J. Antonello, A. Barbotin, E. Zhuan Chong, J. Rittscher, and M. J. Booth, Optics Express Vol. 28, Issue 11, (2020)


Transmissive flexoelectro-optic liquid crystal optical phase modulator with 2 π modulation,

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Electrically-tunable positioning of topological defects in liquid crystals

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z-STED imaging and spectroscopy to investigate nanoscale membrane structure and dynamics

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Anisoplanatic adaptive optics in parallelized laser scanning microscopy

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A single-crystal diamond X-ray pixel detector with embedded graphitic electrodes

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Arbitrary vectorial state conversion using liquid crystal spatial light modulators

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Deep Three-Dimensional Solid-State Qubit Arrays with Long-Lived Spin Coherence

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Active compensation of extrinsic polarization errors using adaptive optics

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Adaptive optics in laser processing

Patrick S. Salter and Martin J. Booth Light: Science & Applications Vol. 8, 110 (2019) 

A novel deployable telescope to facilitate a low-cost <1m GSD video rapid-revisit small satellite constellation

D. Gooding, G. Richardson, A. Haslehurst, D. Smith, C. Saunders, G. Aglietti, R. Blows, J. Shore, K. Hampson and M. Booth. Proceedings Vol. 11180, International Conference on Space Optics — ICSO 2018; 1118009 (2019) 


High precision automated alignment procedure for two-mirror telescopes

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Complex vectorial optics through gradient index lens cascades

C.  He, J. Chang, Q. Hu, J. Wang, J. Antonello, H. He, S. Liu, J. Lin, B. Dai, D. S. Elson, P. Xi, H. Ma and M. J. Booth Nature Communications Vol. 10, Article number: 4264 (2019)

highlighted by Nature Photonics, in News & Views,
highlighted by Light: Science & Applications, in News & Views,


Adaptive optics allows STED-FCS measurements in the cytoplasm of living cells

A. Barbotin, S. Galiani, I. Urbančič, C. Eggeling, and M. J. Booth, Optics Express, Vol. 27, Issue 16,  pp. 23378-23395 (2019)


Book Chapter: Adaptive Optical Microscopy Using Image-Based Wavefront Sensing in Wavefront Shaping for Biomedical Imaging

Jacopo Antonello, Débora M. Andrade, and Martin J. Booth, Cambridge University Press, (2019)

Calibration of a phase-only spatial light modulator for both phase and retardance modulation

Y. Dai, J. Antonello, and M. J. Booth, Optics Express, Vol. 27, pp. 17912-17926, (2019).


Component-wise testing of laser-written integrated coupled-mode beam splitters

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Fast and low loss flexoelectro-optic liquid crystal phase modulator with a chiral nematic reflector

X. Wang, J. A. J. Fells, W. C. Yip, T. Ali, J.-d. Lin, C. Welch, G. H. Mehl, M. J. Booth, T. D. Wilkinson, S. M. Morris & S. J. Elston, Scientific Reports 7016,, (2019).

Dynamic response of large tilt-angle flexoelectro-optic liquid crystal modulators

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Laser writing of individual nitrogen-vacancy defects in diamond with near-unity yield

Yu-Chen Chen, Benjamin Griffiths, Laiyi Weng, Shannon S. Nicley, Shazeaa N. Ishmael, Yashna Lekhai, Sam Johnson, Colin J. Stephen, Ben L. Green, Gavin W. Morley, Mark E. Newton, Martin J. Booth, Patrick S. Salter, and Jason M. Smith, Optica, Vol. 6, pp. 662-667,, (2019).

Focusing light in biological tissue through a multimode optical fiber: refractive index matching

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Fast and low loss fexoelectro-optic liquid crystal phase modulator with a chiral nematic refector

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Adaptive optics aberration correction for deep direct laser written waveguides in the heating regime

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Laser Writing of Scalable Single Color Centers in Silicon Carbide

Yu-Chen Chen, Patrick S. Salter, Matthias Niethammer, Matthias Widmann, Florian Kaiser, Roland Nagy, Naoya Morioka, Charles Babin, Jürgen Erlekampf, Patrick Berwian, Martin J. Booth, and Jörg Wrachtrup, Nano Letters,, (2019).


IsoSense: frequency enhanced sensorless adaptive optics through structured illumination

Mantas Zurauskas, Ian M. Dobbie, Richard M. Parton, Mick A. Phillips, Antonia Gohler, Ilan Davis, Martin Booth, Optica, Vol. 6, 370-379,, (2019).


Robust measurement of flexoelectro-optic switching with different surface alignments

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Investigation of structural mechanisms of laser-written waveguide formation through third-harmonic microscopy

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Quasi-simultaneous multiplane calcium imaging of neuronal circuits

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Subcellular spatial resolution achieved for deep-brain imaging in vivo using a minimally invasive multimode fiber

Sebastian A. Vasquez-Lopez, Raphaël Turcotte, Vadim Koren, Martin Plöschner, Zahid Padamsey, Martin J. Booth, Tomáš Čižmár & Nigel J. Emptage, Light: Science & Applications, 7, 10.1038/s41377-018-0111-0, (2018) 


Femtosecond fiber Bragg grating fabrication with adaptive optics aberration compensation

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Ultrafast laser writing quill effect in low loss waveguide fabrication regime

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Time-resolved retardance and optic-axis angle measurement system for characterization of flexoelectro-optic liquid crystal and other birefringent devices

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Read on Demand Images in Laser‐Written Polymerizable Liquid Crystal Devices

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Microscope calibration using laser written fluorescence

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Planar polymer waveguides with a graded-index profile resulting from intermixing of methacrylates in closed microchannels

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Wavefront control in adaptive microscopy using Shack-Hartmann sensors with arbitrarily shaped pupils

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Four-dimensional light shaping: manipulating ultrafast spatio-temporal foci in space and time

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Roadmap on Neurophotonics

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