Vectorial GRIN lens paper highlighted

Our work highlighted in both Nature Photonics and Light: Science & Applications

Our recent research [1] has been featured in both Nature Photonics [2] and Light: Science & Applications, in the News & Views section [3]. In this work, led by Chao He, we  explain the effects of the intrinsic unwanted birefringence of GRIN lens and exploit it by using it in cascade with other optical components to enable extra functionality in commonplace GRIN lens systems. 

[1] C. He, J. Chang, Q. Hu, J. Wang, J. Antonello, H. He, S. Liu, J. Lin, B. Dai, D. S. Elson, P. Xi, H. Ma and M. J. Booth, Nature Communications Vol. 10, Article number: 4264 (2019)

[2] highlighted by Nature Photonics, in News & Views,

[3] highlighted by Light: Science & Applications, in News & Views,