Microscope development post-doc position

We are looking for candidates with experience in optical microscope development to join our team

The group is looking to fill a postdoctoral research positions in optical microscope development.  We are seeking candidates with experience in designing and building complex optical systems, particularly for microscopy.  Research in the group covers a wide range of microscope technology, with particular emphasis on the development of adaptive optics.  We are working with a range of collaborators across Oxford and elsewhere.  

Significant recent funding has been awarded to the group by the European Research Council, the Wellcome Trust and the UK Research Councils.  We are therefore expanding our existing team of researchers to support the new instrument development in areas covering high resolution imaging for cell biology, neuroscience and other applications. We are also developing new adaptive optics methods for super-resolution (STED, single molecule localisation and structured illumination microscopes). 

For more information about these posts, please see the advertisement here.  Informal enquiries can be made by email to . The deadline for applications is on 17 November 2017.