Graduate Study and Research Opportunities

Motion structure is one of the new research front in the otherwise traditional structural/mechanical engineering. It has been found difficult to have a precise limit on dimension, scale or shape of the structures involved at a recent conference on the subject. Artists, architects, civil, aerospace and material engineers, zoologists and medical professions all find that they have encountered or intend to creat structures which can undergo large geometric transformation. Therefore, many new research opportunities arise. We are always seeking students with good knowledge in mechnical engineering, structural engineering or medical engineering to study deployable structures in Oxford towards a higher degree. There are quite a number of scholarships available each year. Some are for British students, e.g. CASE scholarships (Cooperative Awards in Science and Engineering) awarded by the EPSRC (the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council); the others are for overseas students such as Rhodes Scholarships etc. . Also the university has set aside a large sum of fund to support postgraduate studies. Last year in deployable structures research alone, four graduate students, from Britain, China, Hungary and Japan respectively, received full scholarships to read D. Phil (Ph.D as called in most other universities). All the scholarships are awarded purely on academic merits alone.

If you feel that you have a strong academic background and are interested in the subject, please write to Zhong at the address provided below for further information. As the deadlines for some scholarships are as early as November, please do remember to take prompt action. You can read Graduate Studies Prospectus on line and request application forms.

In addition, we also have schemes for visiting students and academics. Some final year undergraduates from the EU have completed their graduate projects here. You may also contact Zhong if you like to come as a visiting student.