We are keen to work with industry either to commercialize our latest research results or to help solving emerging problems. The highlight of our past projects include

    "Origami for security printing" for De La Rue Plc.
    "Various cable network analysis" for Slingco
    "Retractable windows" for Institute for Islamic Studies

Our specialities are

    Structural mechanisms: design, analysis and implementation
    Expandable medical devices (stents, stentgrafts and others)
    Origami structures: strain-free packaging, bi-stable structures and collapsible storages
    Cable and membrane structures as well as other tension structures
    Architecture structural concepts development
    Novel concepts for retractable roofs, windows and decoration objects.
    Design of novel furniture, garden trellises and toys
    General structural analysis

Should you be interested in knowing more about our work, it may be possible to visit our laboratory in the department of engineering science. Please contact Zhong to make an appointment. You may be requested to sign a CDA as we have been constantly working on many innovative structures, some of which may have not been protected by a patent or design rights.