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All Seminars will start at 2.00pm in LR7, IEB unless otherwise stated

Current Control Seminars


Wednesday 8 May 2019: Professor Steven Low, (Caltech) "Time-varying nonconvex optimization with application to OPF" [ABSTRACT] 2pm in LR8

Friday 10 May 2019: Professor Urbashi Mitra (University of Southern California) "Unimodal Matrix Factorization: Applications to Target Localization and Wireless Propagation Model Learning" [ABSTRACT] 10.30am in LR7

Monday 13 May 2019: Professor Perla Maiolino (University of Oxford) "Robots with a sense of Touch" [ABSTRACT] 2pm in MR4

Monday 3 June 2019:  Dr Giovanni Fantuzzi (Imperial College) "Bounding the magnitude of extreme events in nonlinear dynamical systems using convex optimisation" [ABSTRACT] 2pm in MR4

Wednesday 12 June 2019:  Professor Nick Hawes (University of Oxford) "Mission Planning for Long-Term Autonomy in Mobile Service Robots" [ABSTRACT] 2pm in MR4

Friday 12 July 2019: Professor Melvin Leok, Professor of Mathematics, UCSD "The Connections Between Discrete Geometric Mechanics, Information Geometry and Machine Learning" [ABSTRACT] 2pm in LR3