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All Seminars will start at 2.00pm in MR4, IEB unless otherwise stated

Current Control Seminars

Monday 14 October 2019: Professor Arne Strauss, University of Warwick "Control of Delivery Time Slot Availability in E-Fulfilment Across Multiple Delivery Days" [ABSTRACT]

Monday 21 October 2019: Professor Jacky Cresson, CNRS: "The Noether's theorem in the fractional calculus of variations : continuous and discrete setting[ABSTRACT]

Monday 4 November 2019:  Dr Mats Vermeeren, TU Berlin:  "Variational integrators for contact Hamiltonian systems [ABSTRACT]

Monday 11 November 2019:  Professor Ari Stern, Washington University, St. Louis:  "Structure-preserving numerical integrators for relaxation oscillators" [ABSTRACT]

Monday 18 November 2019: Professor Manolis Chatzis, University of Oxford: "TBC" [ABSTRACT]

Monday 2 December 2019: Professor Antonella Zanna Munthe-Kass, University of Bergen: "On the construction of some symplectic P-stable additive Runge—Kutta methods" [ABSTRACT]