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All Seminars will start at 2.00pm in LR7, IEB unless otherwise stated

Current Control Seminars


Tuesday 8 January 2019: Professor Anders Rantzer (Lund University) "Towards a Scalable Theory of Control" [ABSTRACT]

Wednesday 13 February 2019:  Professor Thomas Parisini (Imperial College London) "Distributed Monitoring and Fault-Tolerant Control: Scalable Plug & Play Tools & Industry 4.0 Perspective" [ABSTRACT]

Monday 18 February 2019: Dr George Konstantopoulos (University of Sheffield) "Title TBC" [ABSTRACT] 2pm in MR4

Monday 25 February 2019:  Dr Francesca Boem (University College London) "Distributed Monitoring and Fault-tolerant Control for Large-Scale Interconnected Systems" [ABSTRACT] 2pm in MR4

Monday 4 March 2019:  Dr Thomas Morstyn (Energy and Power Group, Oxford) "Market Design for Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading and Distribution System Flexibility" [ABSTRACT] 2pm in MR4