Professor Mark Cannon


I received the degrees of MEng and DPhil from Oxford University in 1993 and 1998, and the SM degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1995. Since 2002 I have been a Lecturer (now Associate Professor) in the Engineering Science Department and a Fellow of St. John's College. 


My research is concerned with the design of controllers for uncertain systems with the aim of optimizing performance subject to constraints. Constraints on system behaviour are present in almost all control problems because of physical, environmental and economic operating restrictions. Controllers that optimize the predicted future behaviour of a system can account for constraints explicitly, and this can provide significant improvements in performance and applicability. I am interested in the fundamental properties of constrained control strategies such as feasibility and closed-loop stability, together with computational issues such as convexity and efficiency of implementation for systems with fast dynamics and stochastic uncertainty. This research has applications in aerospace, power generation and process industries as well as sustainable development and economics. 


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Lectures: I give lectures on systems and control (discrete systems) for second year undergraduates and options in control engineering (nonlinear systems and model predictive control) for third and fourth year students. I also supervise fourth year and third year undergraduate projects, mainly in the areas of control and instrumentation. Tutorials: topics in Information Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at St John's College - I cover structures and mechanics for first year students, and courses on control, dynamics and structural analysis for second year engineering undergraduates.